Gateway Mutual Aid Group


Businesses in the Gateway precinct interested in emergency management planning throughout industry, government and emergency services.


To maintain a formalised alliance between neighbouring industries to assist in preventing incidents and mitigating potential impact to life, property, the community and the environment in the event of a major emergency.


The primary objective of the group is to ensure that a pool of resources is readily available to assist Emergency Services in combatting a major emergency on a Mutual Aid Group site. Subsequent objectives are the sharing of best practice information and the provision of a consultative forum between GMAG industry members, emergency services and the community.

Statement of policy

This mutual cooperation will enhance respective organisations quality of fire prevention and disaster control; safety of the public, the standard of teamwork and cooperation; amongst member of the GMAG and government agencies with a flow on to the business success of each GMAG member company.

The GMAG will conduct its operations:

  • Protecting employees and the public from injury and health hazards;
  • Preventing loss or damage to property;
  • Safeguarding the environment

That may result from incidents that may occur in our respective organisations.

Queensland Legislation states – the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service will be in charge of all Fire and Hazmat Incidents and the Queensland Police Service will provide overall co-ordination of the emergency incident.

The GMAG agreement will be reviewed by members on a twelve monthly basis, from the date the agreement is first signed.  After the review, the member will sign off the document for the next 12 months if they wish to remain an active member to the agreement.


The Gateway Mutual Aid Group was established in 2005 and has been an active group in the Trade Coast area.